Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Bring the beat back

State of the Art

Jesus on E's


Vaughany said...

G'day, Rolf here.

I'm afraid the two little boys aren't home at the moment, but if you'd like to leave your name and a brief message, they'll get back to you just as soon as possible.

...and, of course:

Do do, do-do do
(mahna mahna)
Do do, do-do
(mahna mahna)
Do do, do do do
Do-do do
Do-do do
Do-do do do-do do do doooooooooo

Chris said...

WAR! Never been so much fun.
WAR! Never been SO much fun.

Vaughany said...

I should have mentioned, I have both those demos' music on my mobile as ringtones, although with music that good, who'd want to answer the phone and stop it?

Ciz said...

Rock on! Looks like there's been a 3D updated Cannon Fodder 3 in the pipeline for years, but it's been cancelled now. Bugger.

Also found this live action music video for Cannon Fodder. They don't look sensible to me.

[mRg] said...

Ah my favorite Amiga claim to fame is that Echo/LSD finished some of the music for Jesus-On-E's on my humble A500 at the demo party it was released at ( a sad claim to fame i know but its the best I could muster ! ) .. although he did drop a lot of cigarette ash into my keyboard while doing so !