Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Miniature Heroes

According to NBC, Tina Turner was wrong — we do need another hero. So they've lined up another six to feature in a new Heroes spin-off called Heroes: Origins, to run during the lengthy gap between seasons of the main show.

Each episode will tell the story behind a new super-powered weirdo, and viewers will be invited to vote one them into the main story. So if next season's rubbish, they can blame the general public.


Anonymous said...

Sun-up, the Solar Sodomiser and the Amazing Steve Adams didn't get past the initial casting.

PS. Have you got my book?

Ciz said...

Yeah, and I hear Sun-Up was sleeping with the director too.

I wish I did have your book, it's out of print now. I was looking for a copy yesterday and the cheapest were going for around 40 quid on Amazon.