Monday, May 7, 2007

That's an interesting question, Carlton

(Contains Lost Season 3 Spoilers)

No matter how lost the Losties are, I'm sure they're nowhere near as lost as I am. Season three has been a bit frustrating at times because of the focus on background and character development rather than progressing the main story arc, especially given how many questions still remain unanswered.

Even the mysteries that have been resolved seem to perpetuate a whole new confusing web of puzzles to tangle my already confused mind.

That said, things are really picking up momentum again now and it seems we're heading towards a spectacular finale. Next week's episode features the flashback I've been waiting for, the unfathomable Ben. Just who is this strange manipulative little man, what motivates him, what's he doing on Island and is he as evil as he seems?

It's been hinted that Ben answers to the authority of The Man Behind the Curtain, the eponym of next week's episode, who is possibly a man named Jacob. These revelations should hopefully tell us more about DHARMA and their relationship with The Others and The Island.

After becoming slightly disillusioned with the show this season, it was a huge relief to hear (on the official podcast) that the producers will soon be announcing a definite end date, by when the story will be concluded properly. I don't think I could bear them spinning it out over 12 tortuous seasons. People are guessing it'll be around five or six, which sounds good to me.

It was also interesting to hear the producers reveal that none of the show's explanations will be too far-fetched, but instead based on the level of reality you might find in a Michael Crichton novel. So hopefully there'll be a cunning and credible resolution, with a sci-fi twist, rather than some improbable or contrived nonsense.

As for the season finale, I can't wait to see what twists and cliffhangers we'll be left with. Whatever happens, it should be explosive, at least if Danielle has her way.

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